Inspirica IT Data Center Cabling Architecture Design Service

Stress-Free Data Cabling Design & Installation

Our Focus

Inspirica IT Data Center Cabling Architectural services provides a careful analysis of data center IT key design criteria to determine the best approaches to take regarding cabling design.


Effective Cable Architecture Design results in:

Access layer flexibility

Capacity and service scalability

High availability and fabric stability


Easy operations and management

A simple, deterministic topology

Quality Cable Architecture Design requires consideration for:


Top-of-Rack vs. End-of-Row Aggregation

Field Terminated vs. Pre-Terminated Cabling

Inside-of-Cabinet vs. Outside-of-Cabinet Termination

Copper vs. Fiber Media

Data Center Design

Discovery process to properly determine the specification and requirements of this project. Areas of research will include determining the following:

General technology review

Pathways for horizontal and riser distribution

Horizontal telecommunications cabling requirements for both voice and data

Riser telecommunications requirements

MC & ER layout requirements to determine rack/cabinet locations and cable support/management requirements

Equipment rack/cabinet layouts, i.e. equipment placement, patch panel placement and wire management

Written Specification


Written Specifications for the following sections of a typical Division 17 of an AIA (American Institute of Architects) formatted Contract. All drafts will be complete related to the technical design, manufacturer’s requirements and EIA/TIA/BICSI standards pertaining to the telecommunications aspects of the project including:

Abbreviations and Definitions

General Scope of Work

References and Standards



Equipment and materials


Execution / Installation

Quality Assurance




Inspirica IT engineers will submit all prints and written documents in electronic format.

The following prints are typical of a complete set:

Floor Telecommunication Detail – This print will show drop designations for each type of telecommunications outlet required.

General Notes & Symbol List – This print will have general notes regarding specific conditions and stipulations of the installation and will also show a legend for telecommunications symbols used on prints.

Wall Plate Configurations – This print will show all variations of wall plate configurations as references by the telecommunications symbols.

Riser Drawing – This print will represent the riser requirements for voice and data between floors and will show pathways, cable types and appropriate sizing.

MC (Main Cross-Connect) – This print will be the layout of the MC room. The print will show racks/cabinets positioning, any cable support necessary such as ladder racking, any wall boards to be installed and riser entrance points.

ER (Equipment Room) – This print will be the layout of the ER room. The print will show racks/cabinets positioning, any cable support necessary such as ladder racking, any wall boards to be installed and riser entrance points.

Rack/Cabinet Elevations – This print will show elevation details for the general layout of the racks/cabinets as pertaining to the telecommunications needs of this project.

Typically, our fee as a data cabling company includes all travel and labor required for the successful completion of your company’s project.

Inspirica IT’ Data Center Cabling Architecture Design Service provides quality assessments, if current facilities exist, and new cabling design services to support data center build-out. These services fall within the fifth phase of the Inspirica IT data center project process.