The Historic Hendrick Van Allen House in Oakland, NJ

Nestled in the heart of Oakland, New Jersey is a National Historic Landmark that’s worth visiting. The Hendrick Van Allen House has been around since 1750 and still stands today as one of the oldest surviving Dutch-style homes in the area. Let’s explore what makes this house so special and why it’s an important part of the community.

History of the Hendrick Van Allen House

The Hendrick Van Allen House was built by its namesake, Dutch settler Hendrick Van Allen, in 1750. It was built on land that had been purchased by his father, Jacobus Van Allen, back in 1737. Over the years, the house has gone through various changes but some of its original features have remained intact. For instance, there is still a wood stove with a "Dutch Oven" as well as an old fireplace with a beehive oven from 1750. These are just two examples of how this house continues to remain relevant to its historic roots.

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The house also serves as a reminder of Dutch heritage in Oakland and Bergen County overall. This is an important part of local history that is often overlooked or forgotten about due to the rapid growth and development of the area over time. It serves not only as a reminder of our past but also as an example for future generations to follow when preserving our cultural heritage.

Preservation Efforts

In order to preserve this piece of history for future generations, efforts have been made to keep it standing strong over time. The house has undergone numerous repairs and renovations over the years including new windows, insulation, plumbing fixtures and more recently air conditioning units installed both inside and out! Additionally, several grants have been given out by organizations such as The Bergen County Historical Society which help fund projects such as painting and exterior maintenance work that help keep this historical landmark looking its best year after year!

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The Hendrick Van Allen House stands tall today as a testament to our local history here in Oakland and Bergen County overall! It has gone through numerous repairs and renovations over time thanks to incredible organizations like The Bergen County Historical Society who continue their efforts towards preserving local landmarks for future generations! Whether you’re interested in architecture or just want to take a step back into historic times – make sure you take some time to visit this incredible landmark next time you’re in town!

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