The American Labor Museum, Inc. – A Glimpse Into NJ’s Rich History of Labor and Unions

Located in the heart of Oakland, New Jersey, the American Labor Museum, Inc. is home to an impressive collection of artifacts celebrating labor history and union activism in the Garden State. From its humble beginnings as a small exhibit at a local library to its current standing as a full-fledged museum, this institution offers an intriguing look into New Jersey’s rich labor history.

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What You'll Find at the American Labor Museum

The American Labor Museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of labor and unions in New Jersey. With over 50 years worth of collected artifacts, documents, films, photographs and more, visitors can explore the impact that labor unions have had on our state’s economy and culture. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year like educational seminars and workshops, labor film screenings, lectures from guest speakers and even guided tours through their interactive exhibits.

A few highlights from their collection include:

• An original mural by renowned artist Ben Shahn depicting workers in industrial settings;

• An expansive library featuring books about NJ labor laws;

• An extensive archive of videos about NJ's labor movement;

• A fascinating exhibit about women's role in organized labor;

• Hundreds of vintage newspaper articles from regional publications about union activities;

• Original photos taken at various protests over the years; • Artifacts from various unions including tools used by members on job sites.

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Whether you're a history buff or just curious about New Jersey's unique contribution to America's working class culture, visiting the American Labor Museum is an enlightening experience that shouldn't be missed! This one-of-a-kind institution provides visitors with an invaluable glimpse into our state’s vibrant past while also highlighting modern issues facing those in organized labor today. So if you're ever in Oakland NJ make sure to stop by this remarkable place!

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